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Welcome to Steve’s Spot Weld Bit Sharpening Service

A higher quality, lower cost option for spot weld drill bits

With over 29 years in heavy collision repair, I’ve used thousands of spot weld cutting bits. I’ve learned over time that this is the best design available.

Steve Kohlman

Better Quality

Our sharpening process delivers more efficient and higher quality repairs:

  • Shorter Center Point – Every bit is sharpened with a shorter center point to prevent the piercing the inner panels.

  • Enhanced Drill Face Angle – We enhance the drill face angle during the sharpening process, this allows the technicians to keep the drill directly in the center of the spot weld, keeping the bit from “walking out”.

Save Money

Steve’s Spot Weld Bit Sharpening saves significant amount of money:
(based on 10 bits per month)

  • New Bits
    Cost Per Bit: $20
    Annual Cost: $2,400

  • Steve’s Bits 
    Cost Per Sharpening Bit: $8
    Annual Cost: $960
    Annual Savings: $1,440 or 60%

Fast Easy Service

With our lightning fast turnaround service:

  • Simple to Mail – Just place your spot weld bits in our prelabeled, priority mail package and drop it in the mail.

  • Guaranteed Turnaround – As soon as we receive your spot weld bits, we will have them sharpened and back in the mail within a day.